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We help small to medium sized businesses, who must improve their company image, reach new prospects and increase revenues with little out of pocket expense. We are your One-Stop Shop.”

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Bruce Oliver Consulting (BOC) is an experienced Marketing Consulting Agency based out of Grand Prairie, Texas.  By serving satisfied customers throughout the U.S., we have identified four areas that most businesses need help in from time to time.  If your company or organization is struggling in any of these areas, we encourage you to give us a call or complete the Contact Us form.  We are eager to discuss your specific challenges.

Mediocre At Best Or “NO” Internet Presence At All

Your Website “LACKS” Qualified & Interested Visitors

Websites Communicate The “WRONG” Message  

Local People Do Not Know Your Business Exists

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Video Influences
Discovery & Engagement

Landing pages with professional video generate 4-7x more engagement and response rates (SearchEngineWatch)

Today customers are only interested in engaging and interactive content. They expect that content to be highly intelligent, intuitive and useful. Online video delivers all of that in a quick and concise way. It’s less expensive than TV yet still offers editorial and production values that are just as high. It’s an innovative, engaging and non-intrusive way of marketing to your customer.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Provides greater exposure for your company on the Internet.

SEO can replace traditional ways of advertising your business.

Today more and more people go to the Internet to search for products and services.

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