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We Provide Savings For Virtually All Industries

Cost Reduction Services

Specialized Tax Services

Our engineering and auditing professionals have helped a large number of companies reduce costs and obtain large federal tax incentives that would otherwise go uncaptured.

Free 15 Minute "no obligation" Presentation

You may be asking... What happens if Bruce Oliver Consulting cannot help my business save money? This is a very reasonable question that gets asked often. Our experience shows that over 90% of all businesses can benefit from one or more of our Cost Reduction Services.

If you are interested in exploring ways that Bruce Oliver Consulting can most likely save your business or organization money, then meet with Bruce Oliver for about 15 minutes and let him show you the possibilities.

This is a friendly "no obligation" and totally FREE Presentation. Bruce Oliver is aware that business owners and leaders are extremely busy so he will keep the presentation to about 15 minutes in length (unless you wish to take more time).

Bruce's goal is to review several key areas and in no time flat provide your company an approximate savings. This savings amount is based on your input and could represent money that would otherwise go uncaptured.

CALL 972.641.8242 or CLICK PRESENTATION to invite Mr. Oliver to your office location or to schedule an online presentation today.

Dr. Bruce Oliver is a Senior Agent with Stryde Solutions.

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