Bruce Oliver Consulting Anti Spam Policy
​​​​​​​​Last updated: 10/16/2020

This Anti Spam Policy describes what Bruce Oliver Consulting (“we” or “us”) will do if we find that people using MediaCloudPro or MediaCloudPro Elite-Edition are Spamming the Internet users. We will have NO Tolerance - that means ZERO. Any Client / Customer who engages in this kind of activity will be REMOVED from our Network and will not be allowed back in. They will NOT receive any refunds or credits. By engaging in this kind of activity you forfeit any rights or priviledges with the MediaCloudPro system. If you can not agree to this policy then DO NOT BUY THE PRODUCT. If you have purchased the product and within your first 30 days or any time period you will not receive your purchase price back or any part of it.

Contact us

For more information about our Anti-Spam policy, if you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Email us: bruce (at)
Call us: 972.660.2500
Write to us: Bruce Oliver, P.O. Box 540185, Grand Prairie, TX 75054

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