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compared to AUDIOBOOKS”

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We turn ANY eBook into a Mesmerizing AUDIOBOOK that you can sell for Big bucks in record time.
Our AudioBooks Can Reach A Global Audience?  Just Let Us Know What Language You Have In Mind. 
Choose If You Are Looking For A Woman's Voice Or A Man's Voice For Your Audiobook.
When You Use Our - Custom Audiobooks Service, You Do Not Need To Do The Speaking!
Once You Preview & Approve Your AudioBook Project, We Will Export In MP3 Format Promptly. 
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Use Them As Lead Magnets To Build Your Audience & Explode Sales And More Today!
Finally, NO Need To Use Expensive Microphones, Recording Equipment Or Hiring Expensive Freelancers.
Once We Deliver Your AudioBook To You, You May Share Or Embed Your AudioBook On Any Website.

What's The Craze About

Here's Why AudioBooks Are Gaining More Popularity Than E-Books:


Boosts Understanding & Focus Due To Immersion


Ability To Breeze Through Content 2-3x Faster
Than It Takes To Read It


Easily Digestible Content


Multi-Tasking - Take Your Reading Wherever
You Go - To The Gym, Park, Or The Couch

With the constant growth in the popularity of audio content, the concept of reading has changed.

Reading is a deliberate effort, where listening is more of an experience.  It helps that audio is among the most immersive media formats that triggers memorability, trust, and connection.

The rise of AudioBooks in sales and the number of listeners cannot be ignored anymore.
By 2027, Audiobooks are predicted to become a $19 billion dollar industry.
Turning eBooks to AudioBooks could change the game completely for you. 
And this isn't just me saying this.

audiobooks are skyrocketing

This is what Industry expert Writers Digest are reporting...

Are You Tired Of Using Confusing & Costly AudioBook Creator Platforms?
Hundreds Have Shifted To Our Custom Audiobook Service.  Here's Why...
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  1. No Special Skills Or Experience NeededContact us
  2. 1-2 Day Turn-around - Standard SizeContact us
  3. Embed AudioBooks On Your WebsiteContact us
  4. No More Hiring Voice Overs ArtistsContact us
  5. Make Sales Of High Quality AudioBooks Contact us
  6. Foreign Speaking Languages AvailableContact us
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AudioBooks are Money In The Bank!

By Tapping Into The HUGE AudioBooks & Podcast Industry

By Giving Away Valuable AudioBooks As Bonuses

With AudioBooks In Their Language

Around 383 Million People Listened To Podcasts Last Year.  Now, It's Time For You To Claim A Piece Of The Action

What Our Awesome Clients Have To Say

Enjoy No Hassle High Quality AudioBooks Today!

pat burke testimonial

I highly recommend Bruce Oliver Consulting to anyone who has an e-book and wants it transformed into a great new Audiobook.

My audiobook is easy to listen to and is quite engaging. The speaker’s words sound crisp and clear. Throughout the audiobook, the sound levels are consistent, which shows me that this is a high-quality production.

If you have authored a document or e-book that you would like to have available as an audiobook, you can count on Bruce Oliver to get the job done promptly and affordably.

I expect my clients will love my new audiobook "Tips for Peaceful Living" as much as I do. 

Patricia Burke, DCH, LCSW
Author of "Bible Notes, Chapter By Chapter Summary of The Bible"

Lori Morrison

Wow! I am so happy that I chose Bruce to convert my ebook to an audiobook. It sounds so professional.

Bruce works fast and does what he says he will do! The audiobook was ready for proofing within 24 to 48 hours. I needed a revision or two, and Bruce took care of the changes immediately.

I strongly recommend Bruce if you are looking for a new audiobook. It is sure to be engaging, creative and very impressive to your listeners. 

Lori Morrison
Author, "Every Story Needs A Hero"

Host of The Unlovely Truth podcast

Use Over 200 Languages To Reach A Global Audience

Listen To A Few Examples In English, French and Spanish.
  Which Speaker Do You Like The Best?



"Are you trying to find a professional male voice for your brand-new AudioBook? With my many of years of speaking experience, I will absolutely provide the outcomes you are looking for. Each person listening to my voice will absolutely be surprised. I have in fact been aiding customers from New York to San Jose for the last 20 years. Press the play button to hear my voice."

Play my voice Play my voice

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"Hey! I’m a Mid-States seasoned talent specializing in recorded voiceovers. I am a professional and have a dynamic style. You can count on me to make your AudioBook come alive! Your listeners will thank you for choosing me as your spokesperson. Go a head and press the play button now to hear my voice." 

Play my voice Play my voice

banner in english


“I offer fast delivery, good communication, and great audio. I have been helping clients both big and small for over 25 years. You won't go wrong if you choose me. You get to have the best of both worlds. You get to choose my voice and engage all of your listeners at the same time. Why not press the play button to hear my voice?"

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4th banner english


"You won't find me with people who follow the trend. I strive to set trends! If you are looking for someone with a crisp clear voice to do your voiceover, I am the person for your job! Press the play button to hear my voice."

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"Hello. Looking for someone to speak French for your next audiobook? Look no further. Now you can choose me. I can take your ebook and transform it into a mesmerizing high quality audiobook. You can count on me to do your project they way you imagine it should be. Now is a good time to press the play button to hear my voice.

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"If you are looking for a high quality audiobook spoken in Spanish, look no further. I am ready and able to complete your project in not time flat. With my professional speaking voice your listeners will be impressed. If you are looking for someone who will engage your audience to take action, then I am your spokesperson. Press the play button to hear my voice.”

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E-Books come in different formats.  The content that you provide us needs to be in Plain Text format, Word Document format or PDF format. If you have an ePub format you can simply convert it to a PDF by using an ePub to PDF converting website.

Please note that we do not create audiobooks from any other formats. We use your content the way you provide it to us.  We do not change or re-construct your content. If you need your content to be re-written, there will be an additional charge outside of what we are showing on this page. 

Happiness Guarantee

100% Happiness Guarantee 

AudioBook Proof - Each client will receive a High Quality AudioBook Proof for their review and approval.  Each Proof will contain a sampling of the project with what we call an Audio Watermark.  Once you listen and approve the AudioBook Proof, we will strip the Audio Watermark and deliver to you the Fresh Crisp & High-Quality Completed Version.  If during your review you have issues with your AudioBook (which is rare) we will be more than happy to address each of your concerns and produce a 2nd AudioBook Proof.  The maximum number of AudioBook Proofs we will provide you is 3 (which is rare).  If after this we have failed to make you 100% satisfied with your purchase, we will refund you your purchase price according to our Refund Policy stated below.

High-Quality Professional AudioBooks 
That Sell Themselves For Huge Profits

The Associates here at Bruce Oliver Consulting are ready to serve you.
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Scroll Downward To Locate The Right Plan For You.
We provide custom quotes for clients who need larger projects.

Price and Plans


  • Up to 1,000 Words
  • Man or Lady's Voice 
  • Global Languages 
  • Happiness Guarantee
  • FAST 24-48 Hrs Delivery
  • Excellent Support
  • Bonus Box Cover
  • Bonus Flyer

I have read and accept the Refund Policy and Disclaimer.


  • Up to 2,500 Words
  • Man or Lady's Voice 
  • Global Languages 
  • Happiness Guarantee
  • FAST 24-48 Hrs Delivery
  • Excellent Support
  • Bonus Box Cover
  • Bonus Flyer

I have read and accept the Refund Policy and Disclaimer.


  • Up to 10,000 Words
  • Man or Lady's Voice 
  • Global Languages 
  • Happiness Guarantee
  • FAST 48-72 Hrs Delivery
  • Excellent Support
  • Bonus Box Cover
  • Bonus Flyer

I have read and accept the Refund Policy and Disclaimer.

Refund Policy / Disclaimer

Refund Policy - 30 Day Money Back - Bruce Oliver Consulting always attempts to be 100% transparent with the client during production to avoid problems.

Please provide a genuine reason in writing before requesting a refund, as we do not offer no questions asked refunds. Only technical issues will be refunded and only if we cannot resolve the problem. Other than that all sales are considered Final.  Any dispute filed without consulting us first will be null and void.

If your AudioBook(s) are not 100% the quality you anticipated and you have given us an opportunity to provide you with a maximum of 3 Proofs to resolve any issues and you still are not satisfied, we will give you 100% of your money back providing you ask within 30 days of your purchase.

Once a refund is approved by Bruce Oliver Consulting it may take as long as 10 days to complete.  Our goal is to always have our customers satisfied and 100% Happy with their AudioBooks.  

Disclaimer - This sales page should be carefully read before making a purchase, as results vary from site to site and highly depend on the theme and niche of the site.  No results, income, leads, or traffic are guaranteed by our service.

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