No matter how good you are at designing, it is almost impossible to create a logo that is both simple and eloquent. A logo can make or break your business. It's the first thing people see when they come to your site. We're here to help. We've seen time and time again that even if your company is small, a great logo will make the difference in getting the big clients.

Organic searches are the natural and relevant "unpaid" search results on Google
 and other search engines. Business websites that have been
 "Professionally Optimized" show up in the very top of the search results.

need increased sales stats

Over 5.5 Billion

Google searches everyday.

Over 60 k

Google searches every second.

Over 80%

of shoppers research online before buying.

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The BOC SEO Philosophy 

[01]   Discovery

We value our clients time so we do our best to make DISCOVERY an efficient process. One of our team members will visit with you to determine what you do for your company, what products and services you offer, what are the best sellers and a revelation of which products and services are most profitable. We will ask questions like; What makes you and your products "unique" in your industry? What separates you from your competition? Other than wanting more sales, are there specific goals you are shooting for like offering new services? What digital marketing have you tried and why do you think it has failed?

[02]   Information

Once we have DISCOVERY details about your business we will move into the INFORMATION phase. Here we will ask you what your understanding of SEO is? We will keep all this simple for you to understand. Our goal here is to educate our clients so they can be at a place where they can make best informed SEO decisions for their business. We will help you to understand what Google needs to rank your website. Higher rankings are determined by Google when your site is relevant and offers trust to those who are searching product inquiries.

[03]   Solution

When we understand the challenges and difficulties you have had in the past with your digital marketing efforts we are best able to provide you a POWERFUL SOLUTION. We will show you how we will make your website the most relevant answer to the search engines. We will share with you a plan to make your site a most TRUSTED answer to the search engines. And the ultimate goal is to see your business grow as you reach page one of Google.

[04]   Budget

In the previous phases we have discussed the DISCOVERY, INFORMATION and SOLUTION processes needed to arrive at the proposal or BUDGET phase. Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization generally are not an overnight fix, but rather it is a professional approach to the problem of getting the right visitors to your site who believe you are the one who can provide solutions to their needs and concerns. Simply stated SEO is a PROCESS. The time it takes us to provide you the results you are looking for depends on your approach. The conservative approach takes longer and is less money up front and the more aggressive approach can reduce the time factor and will generally require more up front money. We are here to serve and will always keep your needs at heart. We will provide you easy options that will fit your budget and at the same time give you Peace Of Mind.

[05]   Our Team Is Here To Serve You

Our SEO team has been helping the small business marketplace since 2009. The business model has been to create affordable and effective SEO. Our team has helped many small businesses elevate their digital presence and succeed online. We will count it a pleasure and honor to work with you to increase your market exposure on search engines and in general the Internet. Give Bruce a call at 972-660-2500 or use one of the buttons below to reach us. We appreciate your visiting our SEO page today.

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