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Video is taking over online media so you need video to compete

Great videos can build your brand and grow your sales

We can make you stunning videos on a budget and in just a few days

Today, every business needs high end videos that reaches out and grabs the attention of their prospects and converts them into buyers

Video Strategy

We offer a complete strategy that will look at your overall objectives, build your brand and get you closer to your customers. Our team will carefully listen to your goals and then offer you a well thought out solution.  Without a great strategy you will be heading in the wrong direction.  You can trust our experts to help you move in the right direction. 

Video Production

Get high definition animated videos that engage your audiences and motivates them to convert from just a prospect into a paying customer!  If you are looking for short videos for social media marketing, training videos and even TV commercials, you can count on Bruce Oliver Consulting to get your project done, within budget and on time.

Video Marketing

Through the years, we have acquired a full suite of amazing tools to insure success.  This includes video distribution, content syndication, traffic generation and a robust viral video production service.  We are experts in Video Marketing and know how to take your brand and business to the next level.

We make a variety of videos to best meet our clients' needs.

  • Authority / Expert Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Stunning Animated Videos
  • Viral Social Media Videos
  • Professional Corporate Videos
  • White Board Videos
  • Kinetic Explainer
  • Cinematic Videos
  • Parallax Videos  
  • Cartoon Character Videos
  • Presentation Videos
  • Marketing Videos
  • Educational Videos 
  • Training Videos
  • Optimized Sales Videos
  • Webinar Registration
  • Event Announcement
  • And Many More...

    See Next Section For A Few Examples

Imagine You As The Expert

Authority Videos

Attract high quality leads ready to invest in you and your products!  Leverage these TV spokesperson type videos with instant Authority Strategies and see your lead conversions skyrocket!

This can work nicely no matter what industry / niche you're in.  If you are camera shy or simply do not want to be in front of a video camera, do not fear as we have mastered a strategy that will work for you.

Many business marketing strategies lack the key ingredient needed to produce a flow of incoming leads.  They are lacking Authority in their videos.  Simply let us build you an amazing Authority style video that Google loves.  Need leads do it with Authority videos.

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Bruce Oliver Owner

Video Production

We all know that a house has to have a solid and well built foundation.  If not the walls will develop cracks and eventually fall apart.  This will cause your home to devalue and hurt any possible resale value.  

This is true of each video no matter how short or how long the project is.  There has to be a well thought-out  purpose driven strategy, placed on paper and approved by our clients.

Once a proof and written proposal has been agreed to by the customer and only then are we able to move the project into production.  We have extremely fast turn-around times once the client gives us the ok.  You can count on BOC to do the job right first time around.  

100% Happy Guarantee.  If after you receive delivery of your video and you are unhappy with the video for any reason we will correct / rebuild the video so you are happy with the results.  If we are unable to make you happy we will return your money. 


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